Safety Guidelines and Exemption from Liability

Translated from the legally valid German version.

Each athlete

  • undertakes to behave in a fair and sportsmanlike manner and to give way to the faster oarsman
  • must be sure that their sports equipment functions correctly and complies with the current regulations (RoR, RWB)
  • is responsible for their own property

confirms that

  • they are physically fit
  • they are able to row a distance of at least 16 km
  • they do not hold the organizer, the assisting staff or the officials liable for any damages/loss
  • they participate in the race at their own risk

The organizer assumes no liability (including negligence) for damage to persons and/or objects of any kind whatsoever (including consequential damage /loss) arising in connection with the event.

Racing order must be observed.

In conclusion each athlete states that they have carefully read in detail the information pertaining to Safety Guidelines and Exemption from Liability and expressly agree to the content.